We asked the current owners of our dogs to write a few words about each of them.


My name is Roza. I know, I know a very unusual name for a brown labrador, but no one asked me for my opinion. I live in Zagreb. A lot of asphalt, if you ask me. But I'm still very playful. I love people, children and other dogs. I don't understand older dogs who growl at me because I want to play with them. My owners, Martina and Vedran, say that they haven't yet discovered a food that I don't like to eat, but at least they know I like ice cream the most. Specifically, Croatian famous ice cream - Snow White. We all remember the day I even got two raw turkey necks. Yumm! Martina and Vedran say that it was a bit too much for my digestion, if you understand me... They say that I'm a good girl, I quickly learned a lot of commands. The only thing that bothers me is that I can't get rid of that stupid leash. The thing is, I allegedly once tore myself out of Martinas hand and quickly ran as fast as I could towards an elderly unknown lady who was screaming and watching me run towards her... Very fun! I admit that I'm stubborn, so they sometimes threaten me with dog school. We'll see! I'm leaving you now, I'm still small, so I get tired quickly and sleep a lot, and I got that one toy that I've already torn twice, but it's my favorite and I play with it the most, so they get me the new exact one again and again. Unfortunately, they gave up on the balls, I tore everything.


Lino has a special character. He is very composed and calm. He enjoys long walks and sleeping in deep shade. He likes ball games.


Lilo is really something. She likes food the most and learns a lot with treats. She loves children and they are real friends. She likes long walks. Sometimes she runs away to the neighbor's house, but that's normal for a teenage girl. She is a quick learner, very sweet, lively and full of energy. The girl is phenomenal, everyone is amazed by how beautiful and sweet she is.


Everyone loves Loki. Children come to play with him. He is constantly digging in the yard, looking for something... He loves walks in the forest, he runs there like crazy. He is taking an obedience course, and one day he may become a rescue dog. He is excellent, very good and obedient. He loves beaches but not swimming in the sea.


Lira is magical. Great. She is very obedient. She is extremely active and playful. She loves water and playing with children. Real candy..


Lou is great. He's the boss. He is very obedient and cuddly, very playful. Learns fast. He likes to carry a bucket to the faucet while the water is running. He's's excellent. A real cheerleader. Adored by all. There isn't the price in the world we would give him away for!


Ledo is a very good and obedient boy. He attends obedience and socialization school and is highly commendable. He learns very quickly. His favorite hobby is teasing us.


Lars and Lina stayed in our kennel and we hang out with them every day.