Ginny is a beautiful dark chocolate Labrador. She occupied a very special place in the family. She lives in a house with her own garden where she loves to sniff, run, dig, bring toys and simply enjoy life. Ginny loves long walks in the forest, and the perfect walk for her is along the bank of a river. She has her own beach under the yard, which she must visit after any walk and "go for a swim". She loves ball fetching games. She is very lively and full of energy. She is patient and gentle with children and likes to accompany them in the game. Her personality blew me away the first day she came into my life. Ginny is very sweet, loving and attention-seeking.


Lina is the gentle soul of our family. Very handsome and beautiful female. Very cute. Smart and very resourceful in getting what she wants. She likes the company of people and other animals. She loves long walks, and she especially likes to dig in the fields, and jump and swim in the river. She quickly learns new tricks, especially with tasty treats. She is as fast as a gazelle, and as playful as a real labrador. Shee loves playing tag. Lina enjoys spending time with her family.


Lars is a charming giant. He charms simply everyone with his magical look and appearance. He gives the impression of power and poise. Aware of his size, he is careful with children. As a young dog, he is extremely playful and full of energy. He always has an eye on everything and knows when it's time to do something stupid. He is extremely intelligent and obedient. He likes games of fetch, and especially enjoys sniffing and digging.
PRA, EIC, HNPK: clear
D Lokus: D|D
Eyes: all clear
DNA profile